About Me

Leon SeretisWelcome to the Full Metal Blacksmith website! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Leon Seretis, a local blacksmith located on the Australian Gold Coast.

My very first experience with blacksmithing was as a kid at the age of 6 where on a school excursion to Sovereign Hill in Victoria, I forged my first nail. Little did I know that this small taste of creation would spark an interest in blacksmithing that would last a lifetime. Despite this initial interest, 17 years went by before I would have the opportunity to forge hot steel again.

Growing up as a kid I spent most of my weekends in the garage with my dad Alex working on a range of projects. While most of our projects were based around wooden construction, it was here that my love of building and creating really flourished. These projects taught me a variety of skills and basic construction principles that few at my young age had opportunity to learn.

I finished High School and went on to study Civil Engineering at Griffith University, I enjoyed my degree and had always found Maths and Science interesting, however two years into the course I realised Civil Engineering just wasn’t the occupation for me. Unsure of what occupation was right at the time I decided at least finishing the degree would be the best course of action. After graduation I took part in a weekend Blacksmithing course at the Toowoomba Cobb &Co museum, it was this course that re-kindling my childhood desire to become a blacksmith and forge metal art.

As you get to know me you will have realise that I don’t do anything by half, this website will be no exception. I created this site to showcase some of my recent projects as well as to indulge those curious as to how I made them. If you have any questions or suggestions as to what you want to see next please send me a message either here or on facebook, fan feedback is always important and greatly appreciated!

So please check out the site, hit the Facebook “Like” button on the home page, tell your friends, family, even that annoying kid down the street, then sit back and enjoy!


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